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October 4, 2016

My Nymphomaniac Life

I can say nymphomania runs in our family. My older brother used to bring his girlfriend home every day when my mom went to work. They could fuck the whole day while I was in the living room playing video games. I guess the only time they never had sex was when she was in her monthly periods or when my mom was around.

My sister too used to go to our neighbor’s house when everybody else was asleep. I pretended to be asleep but I could see everything that was happening. Sometimes she would return back home after an hour with her bra in her hands. Perhaps she didn’t have time to put it back on. Anyway, enough with my family.

On 12th November of the year 1999 was when I first broke my virginity. I was 13 years then and my erection wasn’t as big as it is now. There is this nanny that my mom brought to look after my baby brother. One Friday morning I accidentally walked into her room only to find her butt naked. She didn’t grab something to cover herself up. Instead, she told me to come in and help her rub some oil on her back.

At that time my erection was as hard as a rock. She noticed and asked me if she could help calm my cock down. I said yes with no hesitation. The next thing I remembered was ejaculating after 1 minute of the act. So fucking my nanny became a routine every morning.

Her contract expired and when she left I had to look for someone else to quench my nymphomaniac character. So I met Jenny. She had just joined our class. One thing I liked about her was her gothic look and the fact that she never involved her heart in matters of sex. We used to fuck for fun every day after school. We once fucked in the school library when everyone had gone home.
She asked me to go to her home one day to watch a movie. I knew there was more to the invite than just a movie, so I played along. When I walked into her room, her friend Vanessa was also around. She was this girl that never talked much, and we never got along with her attitude. The naughty Jenny requested a threesome. I was dumbfounded but as soon as Vanessa agreed to the idea, my cock was already up and ready.

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