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April 20, 2017

The biggest financial benefits of working in porn

Let me tell you that the financial benefits of working for London escort girls are greater than working as a lingerie model. When I worked as a lingerie model, I was barely able to keep a roof over my head. In many ways, I think that I was conned into the lingerie modeling business, and it actually isn’t everything that it is cracked up to be. It can be very difficult to get a permanent job, and when you do, it is quite often very poorly paid. I struggled most of the time, but I am doing much better now when I am working for London escorts, says Sue.


London escorts are often asked what the financial benefits of working in porn or adult entertainment are to them. Many London escorts are rumored to have done very well out of the adult entertainment industry, and the general public would like to know what they have earned, and how they spend their money. We spoke to Sue who works for one of the leading escorts agencies in London, and asked her what the financial benefits are of working the adult entertainment business in London. Sue has worked as a porn star, lingerie model and as a London escorts, so she should really know.The porn industry does not pay that way neither. Before I joined London escorts, I did a brief stint for an adult film company. The pay was a bit better than lingerie modeling but at the same time, there was not a lot of work around, says Sue. The problem is that many porn movies are now made by amateurs, and they have sort of knocked out the professional porn film industry. It is a bit sad, but I am not sure the earnings are going to come back again in the porn movie business. I earn much more money at London escorts.

Just because you work for London escorts, doesn’t mean that you are not financially savvy. Most of the London escorts I know are very smart and can look after themselves in more ways than one. Saving money and making the most of your earnings is important in this business. After all, you are not going to be able to be a London escort for the rest of your life. It is a bit like being a model, one day you need to move on and do something else. My colleagues at London escorts appreciate that and use their earning wisely, smiles Sue.Whilst I have been working for London escorts, I have been able to save up enough money to buy by own flat. A lot of the girls who work for London escorts, do very well and make some major investments. Most of us choose to buy our own homes, and others save up for their education. We even have had a couple of girls to go on to become lawyers and doctors. They have actually paid for all of their tuition fees and then some. It is really great.…